Dangerous Windows: The ghosts/zombies break through the

Slippery Swimsuit: Homer cannonballs in the ocean off a cliff in “CC’s Dare 23”. He loses his swim trunks. Split Screen Reaction: Bart and Homer get one when they hear the supermarket they’re shopping at only has one Butterfinger left. Love Dodecahedron: Between Harutora, Hokuto, Natsume, Kyoko, Kon and Suzuka. To wit: Hokuto pretty obviously has feelings for Harutora, who was unsure of how he himself felt for Hokuto. These feelings are what lead her to sacrifice herself to save Harutora from Suzuka’s Tsuchigumo, which leads Harutora to realize too late what he really felt for Hokuto. Do Androids Dream?: The AI is shown to feel emotions. doesn’t seem to believe it, however. Gender Flip: Instead of Victor, we have Victoria. Epic Fail: Illya’s attempt to discuss Italian architecture with Gaby. Exact Words: After Illya tells Napoleon, “Watch me work, Cowboy!” and Napoleon falls out of the boat. He swims onto the dock, climbs into a truck while all the attention is on his partner, eats someone’s lunch and drinks their Chianti and literally watches as Illya evades but ultimately fails to escape the harbor.

Hermes Replica Bags Less well known, perhaps because it is not for the faint of heart, there’s the comic The Other Family, which can be found here. Warning: may make you unable to read Family Circus ever again. I mean, uh. Family Unfriendly Death: Pretty much all of them once the Blob gets rolling. Particularly horrific examples are Paul, featured on the Nightmare Fuel page, and the projectionist. He’s still trying to scream while half dissolved, held within the Blob as a sick sort of larder. Karmic Death: Le death by chandelier, caused Replica Hermes wallets http://www.cheapdesignbags.com by a ricocheting bullet from his own gun while he was trying to assassinate Sigmund Freud. Love Dodecahedron: Salvador loves Alma and is married to Olivia, who eventually runs off to Paris with Frances. Alma finds both Le and Salvador attractive. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Valentino Handbags Titans in Attack on Titan look like giant naked humans, although they act more like zombies, and tend to eat anyone they manage to grab. Their presence was so devastating that humanity is reduced to building a gigantic, fifty meter wall to attempt to keep them out. Which it does for at least a hundred years, until one day they see an even larger Titan peering down at them right before it breaks a hole in the wall. Cut Phone Lines: Just as the sheriff is calling Stevie on her request, a pillar of fog climbs up a telephone pole and breaks off the cables. Dangerous Windows: The ghosts/zombies break through the stained glass windows of the church. Deadpan Snarker: Sandy, Kathy Williams’s snarky assistant. Touched by Vorlons: Alien infectees gained superhuman strength, resilience, and the desire to infect others. Or they die. Undercover as Lovers: Caffrey and Cavanaugh use this cover in “Alienville” Replica Valentino Handbags.

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